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Create an Interface Inventory with InVision Boards Template

September 22, 2019

This template will help you to create an interface inventory using InVision Boards quickly. But before I give you access to the board, let me stroke my ego a little, just a little bit and talk about stuff that you probably already know.

So you’ve been tasked with creating a design system for your company’s website. You decide to fire up sketch (or insert your design tool of choice here) and begin creating components… Probably not a great idea!

One of the first steps in creating a design system is reviewing what UI elements you have at your exposal. An interface inventory will help you do just that. Basically, an interface inventory is a complete list of all the UI elements that are visible in your website or app. Brad Frost coined the term, and he describes it perfectly in this article. I’m not going to waste your time poorly explaining it so head over there, read his article and come back to me.

Now that you know what it is and how to do it. Let me introduce to your new friend… *Cue Drum Roll* InVision Boards. It is a nice feature that, according to them (InVision) allows you to create custom mood boards, branding boards, design assets, and in our case interface inventories.

Ok, I’ve stroked my ego enough, and I promise not to mess you around anymore. I understand that you a very busy person and don’t have time for all this tomfoolery. So without further ado let me show you the template… but first a short commercial break.

*Cringy 80s music*

Me: Do you like design?
Me: Do you like beer?
Me: Do you like drinking design and creating beers?
Producer: Wait, wait, Shane, you screwed that up, our advertisers are going to be pissed.
Me: I don’t let “the man” push me around.
Producer: Stop drinking on the job.
Me: *grovelling* Wait, please just let me go again, I won’t mess up.
Producer: Shane we haven’t got time for this.
Me: But Paul said drinking would get my creative juices going!

*Commercial grinds to halt*

Previously on the “A Template for creating an Interface Inventory with InVision Boards”; Shane strokes his ego. Shane gives the reader a load of waffle about interface inventories and InVision Boards. Shane makes false promises and blatantly lies to the reader.

So without further ado let me show you the template…

The Interface Inventory Template for InVision Boards.

Enjoy it, copy it, use it, hate it, and do whatever you want with it.

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