A person who has never
made a mistake has
never tried anything new.

—Albert Einstein


Hey, my name is Shane! I'm a UX/UI designer with experience creating award-winning digital products since 2012. I'm based in the beautiful south east of Ireland, I've worked with a wide range of companies across the globe helping them create better digital interfaces.

I began creating websites at home as a teen, and since then I've years of the whole digital product lifecycle. I've helped turn failing 2-star apps into 5-star ones, grown products, and designed beautiful user interfaces that delight users. I turn ideas into products that are both usable and beautiful.

And I've led several design teams, including leading the product design team for Conversational AI, Automation, and Self-Service at Genesys — blimey, that's a real mouth full.

I love solving problems and creating great digital products. I'm passionate about design and technology. And how they can be used to creating products that empower, enhance and delight users.

Over the years I've had my fair share of failures and setbacks. These experiences provide me with learnings and insights that help me create better products. They also allow me to speak and write about those experiences. And I've been lucky to speak at events in Ireland and the US.

You can see my full work history on LinkedIn.

You can download my CV here.


- a senior product designer for Workhuman.
- a design writer for the BuiltIn publication.
- a data-informed designer that uses a mix of Agile, Lean and Design Thinking to create products that customers love.
- passionate about creating products and UX & UI design.
- an awarding winning app developer (or at least was in a previous life), experienced with Android and iOS.
- strong in web design CSS, HTML and JS.
- always wanting to learn new things.


- been a lead product designer for both Genesys and the Agora Companies.
- been a design mentor for the Learn UI Design community.
- mentored designers for the ADPList community.
- been featured for my designs and my writing.
- a very strong technical background and a love for design.
- an enthusiasm for creating great products.
- a passion for making people happy, whether it's family, friends, co-workers or customers.
- a love for user testing, and validating problems and solutions.
- a positive attitude to life, that enables me to fail fast and fail often in order to improve.
- experience in analysing user testing, measuring and rebuilding products.
- good storytelling, communication and collaboration skills.
- strong troubleshooting skills.
- a curious mind that is always wanting to learn new things.


- my wife, my little girl, and our cats.
- cooking and eating food (I'm a foodie).
- creating, designing and development.
- cycling, racing and being out in the fresh air.
- reading books and talking shite.
- tech and gaming.
- adventure and exploration (anything that will help me learn).

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